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Russia gets ridiculous again

NewsRussia gets ridiculous again

Russia threatens the world that it could have a stealth strategic bomber by 2025

Russia wanted to demonstrate its supposed military might by announcing that the manufacturer Tupolev has the PAK DA (Perspektivnyi Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Dalney Aviatsyi), i.e. Prospective Air Complex for Long-Range Aviation, in the works. This prototype will be its new strategic stealth bomber capable of flying at supersonic speed.

The first test unit is expected to roll off the assembly line within three years, with the aim of replacing the aging Tupolev Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 bombers from 2028.

The new PAK DA will be built according to the “flying wing” aerodynamic scheme with no tail unit and a fuselage separate from the wings. It will use only intrafuselage weapons to decrease its radar visibility: advanced long-range cruise missiles and hypersonics. It will have a new aerodynamic design, built on the basis of the central fuselage of the Tupolev Tu-160 supersonic bomber, from which it seems to be inspired for its construction and is expected to be able to lower operating costs, maintenance, flight cost per hour and advanced maintenance, for the operation of this type of aircraft, with four powerful turbine engines installed in the central fuselage and variable geometry wings, with an internal weapons loading bay installed behind the two-seater cockpit and between the engines, in the shape of a flying wing.

Its engines will be able to operate in all weather conditions, taking into account the extreme Russian climates: between -60º and +50º. It is also known that, according to the technical documentation, these engines will be able to withstand the radiation of a nuclear attack and could operate up to 30 hours uninterruptedly, so that they can perform any air route without the need for technical stops.

Also impressive is the on-board technology, with many of the functionalities automated to such an extent that even an unmanned version is being worked on, although in principle it will be operated by two crew members, the pilot and the defensive systems operator, seated side by side in a widened two-seater cockpit, similar to that of the Su-34 supersonic bomber or the U.S. Stealth B-2 Spirit. Moreover, along the same lines as other aeronautical projects such as the Future European Combat Aircraft, it will be able to control groups of unmanned aerial vehicles, in swarm mode, and will use the full range of air-to-air missiles.

Just a fanciful drawing

The reality is that what Russia has so far is nothing more than a fanciful drawing of an aircraft it would like to have. This announcement is nothing more than an attempt to compensate, through propaganda, for the news coming from the U.S. strategic stealth bomber, whose first six testing units are already in various stages of construction (the first one is already finished) and whose flight tests will be carried out in six months, at the end of this year or early next year.

Do the Russians have the technology to build such an aircraft?

No. Absolutely not.

Today’s Russia is only a faint echo of what was once the mighty USSR that shared the world with the United States during the Cold War. Its economy is no bigger than that of European countries such as Spain or Italy (with twice the population) and its technological development came to a screeching halt in the 1990s.

To understand the magnitude of the Russian economic-technological collapse, it is enough to see that in 2022 they have still not been able to fly a stealth fighter equivalent to the US F-22, fully operational since 2005. The same thing that happens with the stalled Sukhoi Su-57 program happens with many of the most advanced programs that the Russian propaganda announces with great fanfare but then neither their engineers are able to make them work nor their politicians have the necessary budgets to finance them.

And if you still doubt it, answer this question: which tanks has lately Russia deployed in Ukraine: modern T-14 Armata or Cold War T-64s?


    • Please, Ed, let us know why do you think this is just propaganda.

      There is a stealth fighter flying already in the RUAF?

      There are hundreds of T-14 in Ukraine?

    • The same signs of stagnation can be seen in civilian industry.

      For several years Moscow has been trying to revive the Glonass satellite navigation system, also built in the Soviet era. Intended to compete with the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) and the European Galileo, the Russian project was abandoned in the 1990s under the presidency of Boris Eltsine. In 2002, the authorities decided to relaunch it and announced the launching of 24 new satellites into orbit in order to perfect the system by 2011.

      In 2010, during a launch, an accident caused the destruction of three satellites, generating losses of 348 million euros. Today, the efficiency of the Glonass system is inferior to that of its competitors, both in terms of accuracy and territorial coverage, which calls into question the comprehensiveness of the program.

    • It is not propaganda: Russia is broke and impoverished.

      I am going to explain it to you without going into technical details, in a way that will be easy for you to understand.

      If you are a top aeronautical engineer, what do you prefer?
      – to earn 3.000.000 rubles a year in Russia
      – earn 400,000 euros a year in Europe
      – earn 500,000 dollars a year in the U.S.

      Here’s a hint: a ruble is only worth a couple of cents.

      • so to hide they are broke they start world war 3, same story as Hitler, start a war to hide the fact that you are broke. Its the Nazi’s in Russia they should be fighting, not the fictious ones in Ukraine.

    • You mean the country that cannot even supply themselves with oil tech and tools to drill their own oil?

    • Ed wake up. Only thing Russia has is old equipment and thousands of men to throw at this war. The remaining newer equipment, if sent to fight in Ukraine, China would walk in and own Russia within the month.

  1. It is not propaganda: Russia is broke and impoverished.

    But mighty powerful to destroy the United states, all Americans problems now is Putin, Powerful man Powerful country even if you say its broke :p

    • To be powerful does not mean be able to make evil: any idiot with an assault rifle is powerful into a school.

      To have nukes does not make your country more powerful but more dangerous, and that’s quite different.
      (What if the nukes are in the same poor condition than the tanks?)

      By the way, the biggest problem fou our western countries way of life is the Chinese national-socialism.

    • I believe it now includes some fancy Russian bearskin straps to hold the GPS and a PMR from Aliexpress

  2. The T-64 tanks are in Ukraine to serve as guard posts in the area that have already been demilitarized and denatzified. A few Ukraine saboteurs could sneak behind the lines in a van or pickup truck but a heavily armored vehicle would be noticed. A Russian guard post with a few soldiers and a lightly armored vehicle could be overwhelmed by such a group of saboteurs. The heavily armored T-64 provides the Russian guards with a heavily armored place of refuge, and heavily gunned vehicle that can destroy a lighter armored vehicle use by the saboteurs. No need to use modern and expensive tanks for such guard duty.

  3. Surely they can’t fly it, the SU-57, not over Ukraine, Syria, or else over Russia…or that’s what western media says…although there are reports and footage of that.

    • Of course, Eyesight Nonbeliever, we all agree that all this is nothing more than a conspiracy by the reptilians to keep the immense power of the Russian Empire from being seen.

      As soon as they decide to take off the invisibility cloak, it will be seen that what is flying over Ukraine, are not old Soviet Su-25s with commercial GPS held in place with duct tape but geothermomagnetic aircraft of a highly advanced technology unknown in the West.

      If it were not for the fact that we are just poor victims of the Illuminati, we would realize that Russians live a life of luxury in a technologically advanced environment and that all those images showing a poor and backward country are just pure propaganda.

      Good thing you are here to show us the real truth.

  4. Why get so out off on an immaterial Russian Empire when it’s not at all advanced RM…I’m sure that their nukes are all scrap and their tanks don’t work at all, hell did you see that one SAM missle that did a 180 and flew back into the ground…it must be that no other country ever had an issue with such rockets, or their stealth jets, or whatever other equipment pieces.
    And the fact they used duct tapped GPS, oh my god, how dare they…especially if it works for them, we must tell those other technologically advanced countries (or that one in particular that had no issue ever) to turn it off over Ukraine, and that will show them weaka** Russians.

  5. Please let us not be deluded… I have no doubt that putin (Russia) has still sufficient investment in nuclear warhead technology… And will use it.
    refer to UN address yesterday, “Sergei Lavrov said that WWIII will be fought with nukes”. And i believe he quotes London as being the first target.

    • And from what we are seeing, what makes you think that Russia has a fit nuclear arsenal?
      Couldn’t it be that corruption and neglect have reduced it to rubble? At least that’s what has happened to the rest of the armed forces; I imagine that the nuclear part will also be in a state of disrepair like the rest.

      Of course I’m not saying that its threats should be ignored nor that it lacks any serviceable material to kill many millions of people.

      All I am saying is that their nuclear arsenals must be in the same state as the army that has invaded ukraine, i.e. pitiful.


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