EU 27 give Ukraine and Moldova candidate country status

The heads of state and government of the European Union (EU) on Thursday granted Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidate countries to join the European Union (EU), following the recommendation of the European Commission (EC) last week.

The leaders of the EU-27 have decided today at the Brussels summit the first step in the accession of Ukraine and Moldova, a process that may be reversible if they do not comply with the reforms demanded by the EC in terms of judicial independence, fight against corruption and organized crime or in the application of the law that limits the power of the oligarchs.

Ukraine -together with Moldova- is already a candidate country to join the EC group after the unanimous support of all member states. Ukraine has been at war with Russia since February 24.

Ursula Von der Leyen celebrated that “today is a good day for Europe” and expressed her congratulations to Zelenski and Sandu, as well as for Georgia, a country that they recognize the European perspective but ask for more structural reforms before taking the next step. “Your countries are part of the European family and the historic decision of the leaders confirms this.”

The European Commission recommended the EU-27 to grant Ukraine the status of “candidate” to join the community club, if the country carries out “important reforms”. A statement made by the President of the EC herself, Ursula von der Leyen.

“Ukraine deserves a European perspective. It should be welcomed as a candidate country, with the understanding that there is important work to be done. The whole process is based on merit. It goes by the book and therefore progress depends entirely on Ukraine,” von der Leyen stressed.

He also announced that they propose that Moldova should first have a “European perspective” and then the status of “candidate” if it meets certain conditions. Now both countries have the status of EU candidate countries.


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