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New F-35 stealth missile


The U.S. Air Force has signed contracts with three companies for the development of the new stealth missile to be carried by the F-35

The U.S. Air Force recently awarded contracts to three companies for the first phase of a new program to develop a stealthy air-to-ground strike weapon that the F-35 could use to destroy enemy air defenses. But it does not intend to develop a conventional missile. Instead, the Air Force’s interest is moving away from the traditional focus away from the relatively uncontested airspace of the Middle East over the past two decades and is focusing on figuring out how to fight in a contested environment against an advanced enemy like China and its advanced technology.

The three companies are the largest weapons contractor, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman (the leader in the development of the B-21 Raider) and L3Harris Technologies (the nation’s sixth largest contractor). The Air Force indicated that it was preparing to move forward with the SIAW (Stand-in Attack Weapon) program with the goal of acquiring a total of 42 experimental missiles. Unlike stand-off missiles, which are designed to be fired beyond the range of enemy defenses, usually by an aircraft such as a B-52, stealth missiles have a shorter range, but are carried by low-detectability aircraft, such as the F-35 itself, within a high-intensity scenario.

According to the Air Force, this type of missile would allow it to attack enemy targets that have defenses that can react quickly. Potential targets include integrated air defense systems, ballistic missile launchers, ground attack and anti-ship cruise missile launchers, GPS jammers and anti-satellite systems.

An aircraft would fire this weapon after penetrating enemy airspace and approaching the target. The F-35 must carry the weapon inside its cargo bay, rather than on an external mount, to avoid compromising the aircraft’s stealth capabilities. He also stated that other aircraft, such as the F-22, are unlikely to be able to carry this weapon because their internal bay is not large enough.

The weapon to be developed by contractors would be faster than others currently carried by the F-35, giving it a better chance of reaching its target before enemy defense can intercept it.


  1. All that time thinking that high-intensity wars were over and that only more or less large groups of insurgents remained has been a time lost in military technological development.
    Now comes the rush to have “something to launch” when the enemy has radars, anti-aircraft missiles and drones.
    I am not sure when this is ready and operational but it will be longer than desirable, like it or not.

    • David the development of smarter weapons has never ceased and every year the world spends enough on new weapons that could be used to look after the weak and poor of the world .

      • You are so right with your comments…but remember you are addressing the most ‘Evil’ corporate of “Arm industry Complexes” of USA.., who only believe in destroying and destructions of the world…., poor of the world has NO value or meanings for them…they only value ‘Money’ by any means..!!

        • This as you call it,….””Evil Arm industry Complexes””is what allows you to post your opnion,The Russian and Chinese people who would like to do that,are all in jail or dead.
          Just look at Ukraine,…….!

  2. And there are still people who want to keep the A-10s!
    It’s like saying they want to keep Blackberry’s with physical keyboards because they provided a great service and in some cases are more comfortable and faster than virtual keyboards.
    Surely that is true in certain instances but they can NEVER compete with the voice dictation that smart phones have today. There is no way around it.

    • The Analyst – Yet tank killers like the A-10s and Apaches were developed specifically to counter the threat of USSR tanks. Stands to reason that such type of aircraft are more relevant now than they have been in decades.

      • When A-10 was developed not only cell phones do not exist but PC haven’t still been created.
        Battleground has changed since the seventies.
        Now there is too much short, mid and long range air defenses for these machines.

        Online videos of Rusian KA-52 destroying Ukrainian tanks are largely outnumbered by videos of such helos destroyed by cheap manpads.

    • Spoken by someone that has never had their lives saved by a Warthog. As a ground pounder, there is no better sound in the world than that whir and the Brrrrrrrt.

      • Yes, it’s an impressive sound … except if the GAU-8 is pointed at you.

        But you have to admit that in that scenario where you say you heard it the USAF had absolute air superiority, that’s called an uncontested airspace, which is the exact opposite of a modern high density scenario overcrowded with radars, anti-aircraft missiles of all heights, electronic warfare and smart weapons.

        In a modern high-intensity scenario (and the Ukrainian war almost is) an A-10 lasts less than a chocolate cake at the school gates.

  3. But the A-10 would be perfect in the current war in Ukraine!
    Lovely long rows of unprotected tanks clogging up roads from Russia into Ukraine. That’s real A-10 territory…and what the aircraft was designed for in the first place.
    If the US military wont use them, give half a dozen to the Ukraine air force.

    • Neither the A-10 nor the Su-25 can do anything in Ukraine because anti-aircraft defenses have totally taken over in that war. If you notice, aviation is being irrelevant in the four months of fighting so far, why do you think that is? Do you think Russia doesn’t have many (somewhat outdated) ground attack aircraft?

      The A-10 is only useful in CO-IN scenarios where the skies are not contested… and that is as long as the guerrilla groups are not equipped with manpads or other even more powerful anti-aircraft weapons.

  4. In the eternal race between the shield and the spear, right now the shield is winning: defensive weapons are much more effective than offensive ones.
    I’m not so sure that the F-35 and this type of missile is a game-changer but for now, along with smart ammunition, it’s all there is.

  5. Definitely a war in which counter-insurgency types like the old OV-10 Bronco was designed for. Coupled with the hitting power of the A-10 and with proper FAC on the ground, it would be utter devastation for Putin’s forces.

  6. If you are reading this article, we probable already have them.
    Not likely that we would announce to the world what we are doing next so they
    can get started. Having said that, this technology could be used in a multitude
    of munitions and that should scare our adversaries as they are only on their
    1st gen stealth tech. Just think of a multitude of stealth hypersonic missiles coming at you.
    If you did spot them even with (tech that sure to come) it would be to late.


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