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Shopping mall shelled in Ukraine


Russia shells a shopping mall with more than a thousand people inside in Kremenchuk

  • So far 13 people have been killed in the attack and 59 people are injured

Russia attacks a shopping mall in Kremenchuk in what could be one of the biggest offensives in recent days. According to the Ukrainian president, Volodymir Zelenski, more than a thousand people were inside the shopping center when it was hit by several missiles. At least 13 people have died following the Russian attack.

The attack triggered a major fire amid panic among the people inside. Zelenski has released images of the burning mall.

This is a new attack against the Ukrainian population by Russian troops, in this case against the town of Kremenchuk. The president has regretted a new attack in a place without any military interest, where the victims have been civilians.

Zelenski himself expected the worst after the Russian shelling. “The number of victims is impossible to imagine,” the Ukrainian president has acknowledged.

For now, 13 civilians have been confirmed dead. Some 60 people have been wounded, according to a first count. Of the total, about 20 have had to be hospitalized and nine are in serious condition although rescue teams continue to search for possible victims in the rubble. The death toll is expected to rise in the coming hours.

The mayor of the town, Vitaly Meletskiy, added that the shopping center was a “very busy” place and assured that “there are dead and wounded”, without specifying.

The commander of the Poltava regional military administration, Dimitro Lunin, stressed that the fire could be put out thanks to the work of 130 emergency services workers. “The situation is difficult, but the fire is not spreading. The Police, the National Guard and the Army are working on rescue efforts,” he said.

The Ukrainian Air Force has reported that the attack was perpetrated with an ‘X-22’ missile. A Ukrainian weapons expert has pointed out that such missiles were designed in the Soviet Union in the early 1950s and have a margin of error (CEP) of one kilometer.

“The ‘X-22’ missile is not designed to hit a specific target. The use of these weapons in cities and residential areas involves a simple desire to kill people,” he has said.


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