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Life imprisonment for Paris attacks


Salah Abdeslam, sole surviving terrorist of Paris attacks, sentenced to life in prison

On November 13, 2015, Paris suffered its biggest terrorist attack to date. The Stade de France in Saint Denis, several terraces in the capital and, finally, the Bataclan nightclub were the places where the events took place and a total of 130 people were killed.

The sole survivor of the last nightclub attack, Salah Abdeslam, has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. This sentence deprives him of a third degree and the possibility of early release, something that has only happened four times in France.

Of the 20 defendants, only 19 have been convicted. Farid Kharkhach was the only exception for whom the court did not retain the terrorism charge.

That the final judgment has been slow in coming is due to the dedication that has been put into each of the 400 victims who have testified in the trial, among whom were both survivors and relatives of the deceased.

The attitude of the terrorist, who spent six years in prison in strict silence and evolved from showing a cocky attitude during the trials to crying and apologizing to the victims, has also raised many questions. “I ask for their forgiveness. I know that hatred remains but I ask you today to hate me in moderation,” he told a session in a trembling voice.

Abdeslam will not be alone in prison, as Mohamed Abrini, an accomplice to the attack, has also received the same sentence.


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