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Jamming Russian drones


Ukrainian weapon capable of jamming Russian drones

The Ukrainian war also has a technological front where the Ukrainians were at a disadvantage but thanks to Western supplies they are advancing by leaps and bounds. While Vladimir Putin can only accumulate more soldiers and more outdated tanks, Ukraine is receiving modern equipment and can even manufacture it because it has no shortage of Western high-tech components.

A Ukrainian company is designing and building electronic rifles to blind the Russians and prevent their artillery and aviation from finding and attacking targets easily or accurately. It’s called Kvertus and its KVS G-6 rifle can shoot down reconnaissance and attack drones within a three-kilometer radius.

These rifles – which cost about $12,000 per unit – are one of the new weapons for a new type of conflict in which drones have become one of the mainstays of warfare. Not only for attacking infantry vehicles and columns with Bayraktar drones or marauding munitions like the Switchblade, but as essential support for artillery and aviation units.

The KVS G-6s are entirely designed and built in Ukraine. Although they are very bulky – measuring 77 x 28 x 85 centimeters – they are not very heavy: only six kilograms. They are ruggedized – essential for the survival of electronic equipment on the battlefield – and have a telescopic sight to locate the target from thousands of meters away.

Equipped with a 30-minute battery life and 80 watts of power, the rifle has antennas that emit radio frequency beams capable of intercepting control and video transmission signals in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, L1 and L2 GPS signal (used by Chinese-made drones) and Russian GLONASS satellite positioning signal, as well as remote control signals below 1,000 hertz.

Operating the rifle is as simple as pointing it in the direction of the drone and firing for a few seconds; the wave beam interferes with the drone’s communications, disconnecting it from its controller. When the drone loses communication, two things can happen: it can enter safe mode and descend to the ground automatically, or it can lose control and plunge uncontrollably to the ground.

Ukrainian troops then pick up the downed drone and analyze the images it has captured to find out what other information it has been able to pick up and, above all, what its trajectory has been. That gives them the opportunity to obtain the coordinates of the point from which the drone was launched, to recognize it with their own drones and to organize counterattacks if necessary.


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