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Russian soldiers’s wives speak out


After 100,000 casualties, Russian soldiers’s wives finally speak out

If three weeks ago, the number of Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 was estimated at 20,000, this Wednesday the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, affirmed that the figure had risen to 25,000. Following the usual calculation whereby the number of wounded and captured is usually three times the number of dead, Russia would have already lost 100,000 men in little more than four months.

If Russia wants to advance at least to the natural border of the Dnieper River and take the key city of Kharkov in the north, it needs many more men… and even the conscripts do not seem to want to participate in this madness no matter how much money they are offered.
As in the old days of the Soviet Union, families are doing their best to hide their sons of military service age, even paying bribes where necessary.


It is not only mothers who worry about their children. After four months, the uneasiness of the wives of those sent to the front is beginning to show. Let’s remember that, in many cases, they thought they were only going to some maneuvers on the border or to some special exercises in Belarus and they have found themselves in the front line of one of the bloodiest wars of the 21st century.

Faced with the lack of news – Russia often hides deaths, disguises them as disappearances or fails to inform despite the families’ requests – sixteen women and a child from Buryatia (Siberia) have decided to record a video denouncing the injustice of the war and the total absence of information about their husbands, fathers and sons. The women identify themselves as relatives of some of those stationed in the 5th Tatsin Armored Brigade, military unit 46108.

The Kremlin threatens sentences of up to fifteen years in prison for anyone who “elaborates or spreads false news surrounding the special military operation in Ukraine.” The risk for these sixteen women is enormous, considering that they are easily identifiable. This, probably, is the reason why the group’s social media administrator, Vera Partilkhaeva, who had denounced the lack of a legal shield commensurate with the situation, decided to delete the video from their profiles and subsequently removed those profiles. It is also not available to the press.

Faced with the impossibility of accessing free and truthful information, Russian citizens rely on social movements to find out something as basic as whether a relative is dead or still alive. Often, even the Russian Ministry of Defense does not know, as corpses are abandoned in retreats without identification. There remains, in short, the status of “missing in action”, the greatest nightmare for a family, thus condemned to live in uncertainty without even the possibility of resorting to protest… unless they are willing to take the consequences, of course.


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