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Russia bombs Snake Island


Russian aviation bombs equipment abandoned in its hasty escape from Snake Island

At this stage of the Ukrainian war no one should be surprised by the poor performance of the Russian Army in this Black Sea enclave. Everything that happened on Snake Island is but a demonstration of this clumsiness.

Now it is very easy to talk but in the previous months there have been opinions for all tastes on whether or not Russia was compensated to maintain the occupation of Snake Island. What has happened in the last week shows that it is not.

First of all one would have to ask whether Snake Island was a strategically interesting place for Russia. Nowadays, when the mobility of the units is basic for their survival, to fix a unit in such a small territory seemed at first sight dangerous. It would be even more dangerous if those units were relatively close to the enemy and far from their own.

Secondly, it is abundantly clear that the anti-aircraft means with which the troops stationed there were equipped were totally insufficient but, in addition, the situation had worsened since the sinking of the cruiser Moskva, which was in charge of providing anti-aircraft coverage in the Black Sea.

Thirdly, the situation had changed radically since the island had come under Ukrainian artillery fire.

The arrival of Western long-range artillery pieces, either tube or precision rocket launchers, has put the Russian garrison on Snake Island in the crosshairs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the results have not been long in coming. Yesterday the Russians hastily left the island because they were aware that it was impossible to defend the position if artillery fire rained down on them from the Ukrainian shores.

Most incredible of all was that today it became known that the Russians themselves are shelling the island, surely to destroy huge amounts of material and ammunition that were abandoned in a poorly organized escape. As ironically said on some Twitter accounts, it is known that the bomber attacking the island is Russian because three of the four bombs dropped fall over the sea and only one of them hits the island. This is because the Russian plane uses dumb bombs and surely it is not an expert pilot since Russian aviation devotes little budget to training its pilots. All this sounds coherent in view of the clumsiness demonstrated by each one of the echelons of the Russian military machine.

It is curious to see how just a month ago, two Ukrainian Su-27 bombers were able to drop three bombs in one pass and hit all three!
In this video below, recorded by a Bayraktar drone from far away, like the previous one, you can see how the Ukrainian planes drop the bombs (along with several chaffs -flares to mislead the anti-aircraft defenses-) and then there are huge explosions in each of the impact points. Absolute precision.

It is possible that in the coming months we will see more events like this one in which precision prevails over brute force and the Russian army ends up withdrawing from Ukraine due to the absolute impossibility of fighting in inferior conditions.


  1. The truth is that I can’t get over my amazement.

    Until a few months ago I was one of those who believed that the Russian army was really fearsome but seeing what I am seeing, I have lost any respect for the Russians.

    Now, when I see them acting like this in Ukraine, I wonder how I could have thought that a country that is backward and poor would have a modern and efficient army. How could I have missed the point!


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