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Russian ship with Ukrainian grain


Turkey detains Russian ship with some 4,500 tons of grain stolen in Ukraine

Right now it is impossible to know what will be the final destination of the grain loaded on the Russian ship detained off the Turkish coast. Regardless of the outcome of the investigations, Ukraine has once again won the game of public image against Russia. Right now and while the whole matter is being resolved until we know where the wheat comes from and whether it is exactly stolen or harvested in the occupied territories, Russia remains as a thief state while Ukraine is on the side of justice. After that we will see how things turn out, because it is very difficult to determine to whom each grain of wheat belongs.

The facts

Turkey has announced that it has detained a Russian-flagged cargo ship off its Black Sea coast and is investigating a claim by Ukraine, which alleges that the ship is carrying stolen grain. Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey has said that the “Zhibek Zholy” has been detained by Turkish customs authorities. Ukraine had previously asked Ankara to detain it.

Kyiv has accused Moscow of stealing grain from territories that Russian forces have seized since it began its invasion in late February. However, the Kremlin has previously denied that Russia has stolen Ukrainian grain. Still, Turkey has responded to Ukraine’s allegation “at its request, the ship called Zhibek Zholy has been detained off Karasu (port),” a senior official has said. “The allegations are being thoroughly investigated. It is not written in the grain who it belongs to.” To resolve the dispute, Turkey has been in contact with Russia, the United Nations and third parties regarding the matter.

Ukrainian Ambassador Vasyl Bodnar had said on Ukrainian national television that the fate of the ship would be decided at a meeting of investigators on Monday and that Ukraine expected confiscation of the grain.


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