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Boris Johnson’s government is faltering


Resignation of three of his top ministers rocks Boris Johnson’s government

Boris Johnson’s lack of competence and seriousness and the ethical drift of the government have been the arguments for two of the main ministers of his government, Economy and Health, to resign simultaneously. They are joined by a third, Robin Walker, Minister of State for School Standards. They have been followed in the last hours by two more members of the government: the Secretary of State for Children, Will Quince, and the parliamentary assistant in the Ministry of Transport, Laura Trott.

Newspapers in the UK today headlined: “Last chance”, “The fire is over”…. Daily Mail refers to his ability to get out of everything wondering if this time the “slippery piglet” will be able to escape. Signaling his intention to stay in power as long as possible, Johnson has quickly appointed Steve Barclay as his new health minister. Businessman and current education minister Nadhim Zahawi, who was also in charge of the vaccination program during the pandemic, will hold the finance portfolio.

In a desperate move, the prime minister was trying to settle the latest scandal that has put him on the ropes. Johnson has apologized for appointing Chris Fincher, an MP who on several occasions in the past had been accused of sexual harassment of young advisers, as number two in the parliamentary group. “There should be no place either in this government or in the party for sexual predators or people who abuse their power,” Johnson has said.

As every Wednesday, Prime Minister’s Questions will take place today in Parliament, which is expected to be tense. In the afternoon, another key appearance, also in Westminster: that of Johnson before the Liaison Committee, the parliamentary committee formed by the chairmen of all the committees and before which the British “premier” must appear periodically for long sessions in which he can be asked about everything. Today the issue is clear.

In the letter presented to justify his resignation, Rishi Sunak speaks of a “profound difference” of approaches, the priority of Number 10 is no longer to govern, but the survival of the man who occupies the official residence and, at the base of it all, lies an almost endemic inability to manage the country.

A poll by ‘YouGov’ reveals that 69 percent of voters believe that Johnson should resign, eleven points more than a month ago, and 54 percent of those who had voted Tory in 2019 share the same opinion.


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