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Boris Johnson’s resignation


Boris Johnson resigns after a wave of resignations from several members of his government

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, refused to resign after a wave of resignations by members of his government team. The continuous pressures for Boris Johnson to leave his position as president of the United Kingdom have had their effect: Boris Johnson has agreed to resign after the continuous resignations in his Executive, in a conversation he has had with the leader of the group of Conservative MPs without portfolio, Graham Brady, according to the ‘BBC’.

According to the British channel, Johnson has told his ministers in a meeting this past Wednesday that, if he resigned, the next months would be focused on the elections within the Conservative Party to replace him, rather than on the work of government, and his successor would be pressured to call a general election that could be won by Labour.

The ‘Tory’ leader maintained until now a “defiant” attitude, according to the cited media, in spite of the fact that a good number of his ministers have asked him to resign, in view of the crisis in his party and in the Government.


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