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Full video of Uvalde shooting

NewsFull video of Uvalde shooting

Shocking video of Uvalde shooting from inside shows police inaction

Hard-hitting images of the massacre perpetrated at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde (Texas) have come to light. They were captured by the school’s security cameras and broadcast by local media last Tuesday. The screams of the little ones have been removed from the recordings released out of respect for the victims. The images have been released to denounce police inaction.

“Get down, get into the classroom,” a teacher desperately shouted to protect her students. This is the moment the shooter enters the school. The video shows the appearance of police as gunfire and a standoff begin in the school. The authorities stand in the hallway impassively as the shooter’s gunfire continues unabated.

The lack of response from police officers during the 77-minute attack allowed the killer to take the lives of 19 children and two teachers. The killer enters the school, turns down one of the corridors. At that moment, a student, who was in the bathroom, peeks around a corner, the shooter, at the end of the corridor. Salvador Ramos, the killer, starts shooting at one of the classes and the little boy runs back to the bathroom, where he was rescued.

The killer continues to fire in bursts inside the school in the Texas city. More than 100 shots were fired in two and a half minutes. A few moments later, officers enter the school. Some police officers approach the place where Ramos was barricaded and upon hearing the shots, they run down the hallway in panic.

Some 23 minutes later, there are more armed officers in the hallway, but they still do not act. They hear the shots without doing anything, an hour has passed. Reinforcements continue to arrive, but no rescue attempt is made. After 77 minutes, the classroom is opened and the murderer is shot.

Parents of the victims demanded the resignation of Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo. He was removed from his position shortly thereafter and Lt. Mike Hernandez has taken over.


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