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Georgia bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

Georgia on Wednesday joined the ranks of U.S. states that ban abortion beyond six weeks, as an appeals court upheld a 2019 law that had been blocked and may now be in effect thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that overturned “Roe v. Wade.”

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that the Georgia law goes into effect as early as Wednesday.
This law not only prohibits abortion at six weeks of pregnancy, but also redefines the concept of “person” to include an embryo or fetus at any stage of development and will also affect doctors and their actions in the face of spontaneous abortion. Thus, there will be criminal penalties for physicians who encourage a miscarriage, unless their patient’s health has already deteriorated to the point of a medical emergency.

The six-week abortion ban, passed in 2019, was previously blocked by a district court ruling that declared it unconstitutional but the 11th Circuit Court overturned that decision as a result of the Supreme Court ruling, which, with a conservative majority of six justices to three liberals, ended federal protection of abortion rights, in place since 1973 thanks to Roe v. Wade.

Until now, in the state of Georgia, governed by Republican Brian Porter Kemp, abortion was legal up to 21 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, starting from the patient’s last menstrual period.

According to data from the Guttmacher Institute, 25 of the 50 states have considerable restrictions on access to abortion, 11 of them with “strong restrictions”. In some cases, such as Texas, there is a total veto, according to the latest data from the pro-abortion organization Planned Parenthood.

In an attempt to mitigate the Supreme Court’s decision, President Joe Biden signed an executive order on July 8 empowering the Health and Justice Departments to protect access to birth control pills and allow women to travel between states to access abortion in territories where it is legal.

In addition, the Democratic-majority U.S. House of Representatives gave its approval last Friday to the protection of abortion rights with the passage of two bills whose passage depends on the Senate, where Democrats have such a slim majority that they would need to convince at least ten Republicans to pass both bills.


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