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Putin’s health condition


CIA director denies rumors about Putin’s health condition

In recent months many rumors have surfaced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has health problems. On May 24, the former British spy who headed the MI6 office in Russia, Richard Dearlove, reported that the Kremlin leader needs round-the-clock medical attention. Other analysts even speculated that he was suffering from Parkinson’s because of images showing Putin enduring tremors.

However, the head of the CIA, William Burns, said Thursday that there is no evidence to suggest that the Russian president is ill. Moreover, he assures that he is “too healthy”. This he revealed during the Security Forum in Aspen (Colorado). Burns clarified that his assessments “do not represent an intelligence judgment”.

On the other hand, Dmitri Peskov, spokesman of the Russian government, also clarified this Thursday during a press conference before the media that Vladimir Putin’s health is “good”, that “everything is in order as far as his health is concerned”.
The Kremlin spokesman added on Thursday that “Ukrainian information specialists, together with Americans and British, have used quotation marks to give false information about the president’s state of health over the last few months. This is nothing but false information”.

Rumors about possible illnesses have been of interest to many during these months. The former head of the British Intelligence Service advanced that Putin would soon leave office for medical treatment, “by 2023”.

CIA chief warns Iran about backing Russia

With regard to U.S. relations with Iran, the CIA chief warned that the Iranian authorities should rethink any possibility of delivering drones to Russia and supporting its offensive in the war in Ukraine.

For his part, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kanani remarked that cooperation between the “Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia dates back to before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and there have been no specific developments in this regard in the recent period”.

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