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Iceland’s volcano


Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano has become active again after just over a year, although it is a low-intensity eruption

A volcanic eruption is a phenomenon that can be as spectacular as it is devastating, such as the one that occurred on the Spanish island of La Palma. This Wednesday, a volcano in Iceland erupted, spitting out rivers of magma, just a short distance from the country’s main airport, although, for the moment, no flights have been affected.

The magma has begun to emanate from the Fagradalsfjall volcano at 13:18 hours (local time) and is being televised live on public television channels.

In the images recorded from the air, a magma stream of about 200 meters can be observed. However, this is a low-magnitude eruption, and the magma columns do not exceed 50 meters in height.

On the other hand, the Icelandic government has sent a helicopter, together with a group of researchers, to assess the situation, while asking the population not to approach the eruption site.

One of the dangers of the location of Fagradalsfjall, located just over 30 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavik, is its proximity to Iceland’s main airport. Even so, for the time being, air traffic has not been affected and no flights have been cancelled or delayed.

The roads in the area have not had the same luck, which have been closed, except for those of Reykjanesbraut and Suðurstrandarveg, due to the possibility that the eruption may affect traffic routes.

This is not the first time this volcano has erupted. Moreover, this is the second explosion in less than a year. The last one lasted a total of six months, although no significant damage was reported. In the same way, early indications are that the pollutants released by Fagradalsfjall will be very similar to those of last year.


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