On ignorant cell phone users- should I use pepper spray or stun gun

James P Raymond

Is there such a thing as cell phone etiquette? Here are my thoughts :

1.- When you are in public, find a place where you won't bother people. We do not want to know what you did last night or your future plans.
2.- Have you ever heard of vibrate mode? Use it when you are in church, library, restaurant, movies or other such places. I thought this was common sense but ....
3.- When you receive a call and you're with someone make it very short or offer to call them back. Otherwise, it is very rude to the other person or persons.
4.- Don't use the cell phone when you are driving a car, You will inadvertently hit someone when you are maneuvering a curve or at the very least inconvenience other drivers with your delays. Some communities have a law against using a cell phone while driving. I hope all communities and cities pass such an ordinance.
5.- If you are working servicing people ( cashier etc), set your phone down until you finish your task, You shouldn't be talking long on the phone anyway when you are working. Who gets paid from talking to their friend anyway?
6.- Don't use you cell phone when you are exercising in a health club. It is very annoying to people around you. Besides, what can't wait until after you exercise.? I thought you exercise to reduce stress.
7.- Don't use your cell phone when you're with your child bicycling on the sidewalk. The reason should be obvious or you shouldn't be a parent. Why do they have a test for driving but not for being a parent?
8.- When you are waiting in line, do not use your cell phone. All the people around you are prisoners to your onversation. Remember what Woody Allen said about being locked up in a cell with an insurance agent. ( No disrespect meant for insurance agent. I once was one myself.)
9.- Don't use your cell phone when someone is doing your tax return. It is no only rude and annoying but it could cost you money.
10.- Don't use your cell phone when you are walking your dog. Your dog needs quality time with you.
11.- Using a cell phone while cooking is a no no. It is not fair to your family. Call the people back. If you are single, what the ?
12.- Don't use your cell phone while a policeman is writing you a ticket.
13.- Using a cell phone while jogging is not a good idea . (ergonomically)
If you refuse to change your telephone etiquette, take a wired phone and go into the bathroom and... No,that's too cruel.

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