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Real estate

Bumps in the real estate buddy system
Just like any endeavour, sometimes the road is going to be bumpy in the Buddy System in real estate. Here are some examples: There's this buyer who's been in the house for two years already. But then he just...

Appraisals Part I
Say you have a property that you have almost finished rehabbing. You're thinking about putting it on the market but have questions about aesthetics and market value. How do you go about getting an appraisal?

When you can break a lease
When you sign a lease, you're agreeing to certain conditions. You will pay the required amount of rent, park your car in the right spot, put your garbage out on certain days.

Is Your Approach Working? Do you need to work on your approach?
Are you not feeling confident about your approach? Are not feeling confident about your interactions? What is the best way to approach? Say you have been going on the Internet...

Commercial Real Estate: What is my role?
Sometimes you might need a little more clarity on a situation. Say you are really unsure about the finder's fee and what constitutes relinquishing the deal? Still not seem clear to you?

Completing a Deal on your IRA, Part One
Say you have a deal that you want to sign right away (like tomorrow!) and you would like to do the deal on your IRA. Are you unsure of how to proceed? Do you do a trust and then your IRA

8 Common Mistakes That Real Estate Investors Make
Here is why these methods do not work. Real estate agents don't work because motivated sellers, which is what we are looking for, don't typically list their houses. I am not saying that you will never find a house this way

The Perfect Time to Consider a Lease Option Part I
You have found the perfect house and you are being pressured to consider a lease option. If you were to ask this question to one hundred different investors you just might get one hundred different answers.

How to proceed in land trust
Remember your great house? Remember the great deal with the potential to make an additional 20%? And lastly, remember the owner who is still living in your house?

Yellow Letter Campaign: How to handle your calls
Are you having issues with your yellow letter campaign? Let me guess. You are getting a ton of calls, which let's face it-that is wonderful problem to have. Are you unsure of how to really explain yourself?

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