Check out what the today’s eclipse will look like in any area of the world

As many of you will know, today will be the expected total eclipse in the United States. Thanks to the web application presented by NASA we can see how the eclipse of the 21st will be seen in any area of the world.

In general, the operation of this 3D simulation for the web is quite simple. As you can see, it is possible to click anywhere on Earth to preview how the most eclipse of 2017 will look. One of the biggest advantages of the simulator is that it works on both computers and mobile devices, because it is also available as an application.

As soon as you access the website that we talk to you will have to press the “Enter” button and a screen similar to the one you can see in the image will appear. This way you can see the eclipse from multiple locations and perspectives, having the option to control the time to analyze the evolution of the eclipse depending on the time.

Undoubtedly, this is a most interesting tool for all those interested in this type of events. If you want to check how the eclipse will be in the place where you live, you can do it through the following link to the NASA website.


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