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Comparison of hurricanes

ScienceComparison of hurricanes

Comparison of the size of large hurricanes in recent times

Typhoon Tip was the largest and most intense cyclone to date. It recorded wind gusts of 305 km / h and remained active for almost 15 days, from 4 to 19 October 1979. It affected the island of Guam and Japan. Its size was almost three times larger than Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Size Comparison compares size and power and hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and cyclones – all of which are the same atmospheric phenomenon, but their denomination varies depending on the region in which it forms: in the Northeast Pacific and in the Atlantic are known as hurricanes: in the Pacific Northwest are called typhoons and in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean are called cyclones.

Although Hurricane Irma, which is now the state of Florida, is not the largest, it is still a very large hurricane, with a diameter of 645 km; but beyond the size and strength of a hurricane its impact (or “relevance”) and consequences has to do with the storm’s path.


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