Virgin Galactic has just publicly presented the design of the passenger cabin of its ShaceShipTwo space plane. The basic idea is that those who make a suborbital flight in it enjoy the experience both in terms of the views and the minutes they will be in free fall.

To this end the cabin incorporates a large window for each passenger as well as others on the roof for a total of 17 windows. And a number of support points so that they can move around comfortably; other points they have taken into account are the ease of sitting in the seat and getting out of it.

The cabin also incorporates 16 cameras inside to record the entire experience from various angles, so that those on board don’t have to keep an eye on the selfies. But there is also a mirror in the back so that you can see yourself.

The seats are adjustable to each person and also change position according to the phase of flight; they recline all the way when you get up so as not to interfere with your movements. And on the back of the front seat you have a screen to follow the flight parameters.



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