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The T. rex Stan, sold for 31.8 million


Stan the Tyrannosaurus rex has taken away all predictions and has devastated New York. After a 15-minute struggle, the T. rex was auctioned for 31.8 million dollars, more than 27 million Euros. A higher price than that of other T-rex auctioned.

T. rex Stan is a good specimen, as it has 188 bones and is quite complete. In fact, hundreds of replicas have been distributed all over the world, it is 3.9 meters high and almost 12 meters long. And “it is the best T. Rex that has been put up for auction since 1996,” Christie’s Director of Science and Natural History, James Hyslop, explained to Efe. The price does not include taxes or fees, which will have to be paid by the buyer.

The previous issue of T. rex auctioned, Sue, was much more complete and its price reached 8.36 million dollars. It broke all records -until Stan, of course, was auctioned off- and ended up at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Stan’s auction was streamed because of the COVID-19 pandemic that is stalking us. The dinosaur, officially named BHI 3033, is not known to whom it has been sold. At least it hasn’t transcended for the moment, in fact, it’s something that worries paleontologists.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology wrote to Christie’s auction company in September asking it to restrict sales to institutions committed to curating specimens for the public good and in perpetuity, or those bidding on behalf of such institutions.

The T.rex was named after its discoverer, amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison. He found it in 1987 in the Hell Creek Formation near Buffalo, South Dakota. The fossil has been located at the Black Hills Geological Research Institute and will be on display at Christie’s offices until October 21. It will then go to its new owner.

Although it has lived for more than 167 million years, Stan the T. rex can be said to be famous among humans. Not only because he is a magnificent specimen and has helped with different investigations, but also because he has reached a price unimaginable before the auction took place.


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