If IMDb has all the answers to your questions about series and movies and Wikipedia knows everything about almost any topic, Supercluster has created an astronaut database that will satisfy all your curiosities about astronauts of yesterday and today, active or already retired.

Its name is simple, Astronaut Database. Its responsible are Supercluster, a web site where they talk about aerospace flights, rocket launches, manned and unmanned missions, etc.

And in addition to their articles and news, some time ago they decided to create a database to consult any doubt or curiosity related to the astronauts that humanity has sent into space on some occasion.

In particular, you will find biographical records of 581 human and 327 non-human astronauts. Classified by country of origin, space agency, missions, days in space, mission in which they participated, ship in which they traveled…

How many astronauts are in space right now? Who has spent the most time off Earth? How many female astronauts have there been in history? How many animal species have been in space? These and many other questions can be answered thanks to this comprehensive database that you can filter in different ways.

And when you access each astronaut’s records, you’ll get personal information and data related to the missions they participated in, their fellow travelers and their main achievements.

In the database, besides humans and other animal species, you will also find robots and space vehicles. Even the cute Starman doll that SpaceX launched into space aboard a Tesla Roadster is featured.

By combining the filters you will be able to meet astronauts from different countries, discover all the past and current missions, the ships used in each mission, the countries participating in each of them… In short, the Astronaut Database of Supercluster will help you to know more about astronauts of yesterday and today, active or already retired.

A different way to know the history of astronautics and to know which astronauts were the first to go into space or who are in orbit right now. Present and past united so that you can get to know its most direct protagonists.

As an incentive, together with this database, Supercluster offers a section with the countdown of future space missions in case you want to see the launch in real time. It also keeps a history of previous launches.



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