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The shocking explosion of Space X, the prototype spacecraft to reach Mars


Wrapped in flames, this is how the test of the prototype of the Starship SN8 of Space X, with which it is intended to take man to Mars, has ended. The spacecraft was unmanned and, hours before take-off, the landing area was cleared, so no one was injured.

The take-off, which was 24 hours late, consisted of a suborbital flight test. The aircraft reached a height of 12 kilometers, thus achieving its objective thanks to the impulse of three Raptor-type engines.

However, when the engines were turned off and the ship was allowed to glide for a few minutes, it had to forcefully land and exploded, generating an impressive fireball.

Elon Musk, founder of the company Space X, assures however that the test has been a success because of the data obtained to improve the prototype.

In his social networks, Musk explained that the fuel pressure was very low and the landing speed was very high. The sum of these factors was what caused the forced impact against the ground. However, he is positive with a hopeful message: “Mars, here we come!


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