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Russia considers abandoning the International Space Station after 2024

ScienceRussia considers abandoning the International Space Station after 2024

More than 20 years of age are taking their toll on the International Space Station, which has often had to undergo repairs to keep going. Instead, alternatives such as the construction of private space stations or even lunar stations are being considered. Without having to include all countries and in a more diversified way.

Russia, whose space agency Roscosmos is preparing its own space station, has already started to work on this. They hope to have the first module ready by 2025. With this, perhaps the time will come when Russia will abandon the International Space Station. They indicate that “we will begin negotiations with our partners on forms and conditions of cooperation beyond 2024.”

The main reason Russia says it is considering departure is none other than the station’s age. “A technical inspection is needed, and then we can make a decision and inform our partners,” official Russian government sources reported on April 18. He reiterated that the International Space Station is past its estimated service life and its condition “leaves much to be desired.”

Meanwhile, there are also plans to build space stations on the Moon. On the one hand there is the Gateway of NASA and the European Agency, on the other the one that Russia and China are planning to build together.

The International Space Station began operating in 1998. It is the largest international cooperation ever in space exploration. The foundations of the International Space Station were laid by the United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan. For years Russia has been an important pillar in providing transportation with its Soyuz to carry humans and cargo between Earth and the station.

The latter has recently changed with the intrusion of SpaceX. SpaceX, a private company, has begun shipping and transporting between Earth and the International Space Station on NASA’s orders. This gives the United States some more independence to maintain the International Space Station if Russia decides to withdraw.


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