Its name is ‘Blue Abyss’ and it is a gigantic pool of water that will be used for extreme diving, research and aiding space exploration. Designed by English architect Robin Partington in 2016, the world’s deepest pool will open in spring 2021, after a series of delays caused by the pandemic and a change of location.

Its numbers are impressive. We are looking at a pool 40 meters wide, which is the size of an airplane hangar to give us an approximate idea. But this is not the most extreme thing, but its depth. With 50 meters at its lowest point, the Blue Abyss surpasses any other pool, including DeepSpot, which with its 45 meters holds the record so far.

With almost 43,000 cubic meters of water, Blue Abyss will not only be considered the deepest pool in the world, but also the indoor pool with the largest volume. To give you an idea, the previous pool in Poland had about 8,000 cubic meters of water. Here we will have five times more, which is equivalent to about 100 times what we see in a 25-meter Olympic pool.

The pool will have several entry points, with different depth levels. One of these parts is ‘Astrolab’, with a depth of 12 meters. In the center is where a vertical water column will be located, marking the 50 meters.

‘Blue Abyss’ is in its final planning phase and has started construction in the ‘Aerohub Enterprise Zone’ at Cornwall Newquay Airport, a dedicated space for aerospace projects. The site will provide training for professional divers, but will also be used for scientific purposes.

The space will feature a multi-zone swimming pool, an astronaut training center, hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers, a training center, compressed gas supply for diving, rest areas and a 120-person hotel with its “microgravity suite” included. As we can see, from Blue Abyss they plan a more professional area and complement it with other commercial spaces.

As an indoor pool, the facility will not be dependent on weather conditions. The enclosure also has a sliding roof to facilitate the insertion of large objects. A crane weighing around 30 tons will be used for this purpose.

Blue Abyss will provide a test environment for subsea operations, pipeline and cable surveys, ship installations or film production. And among its plans is also the simulation of space flight. The company will seek to create an environment that can replicate the conditions of missions to Mars and recreate the buoyancy of this type of travel.

The idea is to be a training center for people who want to receive a training program equivalent to that of astronauts, in order to be prepared in the future for possible space travel.


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