“This is how leaded gasoline was eliminated” is an animated map that shows how – year by year, country by country – leaded gasoline was eliminated from all countries in the world starting in 1986, beginning with Japan, and culminating with Algeria in 2021 which was the last on the list.

The animation is a journey of three and a half decades and almost 200 countries, which shows how sometimes the inhabitants of the Earth are able to agree on something and act accordingly. Especially when the enemy is “invisible”.

Leaded gasoline had been used in automobiles since the 1920s, but it was not until 1969 that empirical evidence of its toxicity to humans was obtained. In the 1970s it began to be phased out and then completely banned until today.

The data, however, refers to automotive gasoline. In aviation piston engines we still use leaded gasoline (100LLL or Avgas).


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