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Senegalese boy builds a telescope


Malick Ndiaye, the Senegalese boy who built a telescope with his father’s glasses, wire and cans

Malick Ndiaye, a 12-year-old Senegalese, has been able to build a fully functional telescope using only wires and cans, along with the lenses of his father’s old glasses, as a result of his interest in the universe and astronomy, and thanks to the reading of a book called ‘Todo el Universo’, related to space and the stars. The little boy, who barely has any resources, took just two weeks to build the device, using, inspired by his father, who helped him discover his passion.

Ndiaye became interested in Astronomy at a very young age, thanks to his father, Malick Ndiaye, who worked as a chauffeur for the former president of Senegal, Adbou Diouf, and who 30 years ago took home a copy of the book ‘Todo el universo’ that the now ex-president himself gave him after his retirement. That book inspired Malick to build the aforementioned telescope, which went unnoticed among the citizens until a man who was working at the site became interested and decided to post a video about the device on Facebook.

The clip, which shows the little boy showing the telescope, went viral, and a large number of journalists did not hesitate to travel to his residence to learn more about his interest in astronomy.

Malick Ndiaye’s endearing story, which quickly spread among the various international and Senegalese media, reached Maram Kaire, the current president of the Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Astronomy. Kaire, who has also been exploring the sky since he was 12 years old, gave Malick a second telescope. This time, a more complete one made with parts that are allowing the little boy to observe the stars more accurately.

Malick Ndiaye keeps intact the device he made with just a few cans, a piece of wire, and the lenses he took from his father’s glasses. The little boy assures that his goal is not to become an astronaut, but simply to look at the stars.


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