Benefits of soulmate relationship

Ernest Quansah

Soulmate relationships and marriages are so beneficial that going against them is no different that setting yourself up for failure. This is because your soulmate is a companion that a higher power has put on this earth with you in mind. Can you imagine the benefits of finding your soulmate? In poll taken January of 2003, 80% of the people in the poll believed they have soulmates somewhere in this world, but were unable to pinpoint their soulmate. Why would majority of people believe they have soulmates out there if soulmates did not exist? These results as gathered from the 80% of the population indicates that 80% of people in relationships and marriages believe that they are not with their soulmate.

Please understand that settling for just anyone to be a life's mate is not enough. Could all of the 80% who believe to have a soulmate be wrong? There are definite advantages to finding and being with your soulmate. It is a fact that soulmate relationships and marriages have been well researched by many professional institutes including the Gottman Institute. The Gottman Institute is actually considered to be the world's foremost authority on relationships and marriages. They have more researchers with Ph.D.'s than any other institute in the relationship field. Their finding in regards to relationships and marriages has been published in the Ameriacan Journal of Medicine and they often are quoted by some of the world's most respected religions. The Gottman Institute supports the idea that soulmate relationships and marriages are the best kinds of relationships to seek and experience. Let us examine more closely the benefits of a soulmate relationship and the disadvantages of accepting a non-soulmate relationship.


Recently, men and women were asked what kind of relationship they would want. All of those who were questioned said they wanted a relationship that will make them happy. Researchers have found that those in soulmates relationship are far more happier than those who are not in soulmate relationship. Soulmate's were also found to live much longer because their relationship or marriage had less stress than that of non-soulmate couples. This is because your soulmate was created with you in mind.

Can you now see why so many relationship and marriages fail? Choosing not to have a relationship with a person who was created with you in mind means you have settle for less than what you deserve. Under such circumstances, can you honestly expect more from your relationship? Break-ups and divorce are and can be very painful experience. I will not even begin to go into all the bitterness experienced and at times the kinds of revenge some people feel they must seek in the wake of a broken relationship. Soulmate couples have been found to have far more fulfilling sex. Again, this is a proven fact.

As human beings, it is critical that we deal with one another with honesty. Telling people what they to hear instead of telling the truth is no different than lying. Can you honestly expect a person, who is telling you what you want to hear instead of the truth, to have your best interests at heart? Soulmate relationships and marriages are more secure than non-soulmate relationships. I could go on and on about the benefits of a soulmate relationship, but I am sure you get the point.


The biggest disadvantage of not being with your soulmate is that you miss out on the opportunity of being truly happy with your partner. You may find your relationship or marriage very stressful. There is the obvious lack of truth and some cases, the emotional abuse alone can lead to cheating. Most couples who cheat do so because their relationship is abusive or the relationship lacks respect, equal treatment, values and so forth. You will have to work much harder to keep your relationship or marriage going.

FACT: 1. Regardless of what people may have you believe, the fact is, when you settle for a non-soulmate relationship or marriage, you will end up sacrificing far too much of yourself, just to find acceptance you desire.

2. Sex is not as wonderful with non-soulmate. A client ones told me when she was intimate with her husband, she did not feel anything. All she wanted was to get it over with. How sad is that? There is no need for you as a human being to put yourself through similar experience, when you know in your heart that all you have to do is your part so that you can be with your soulmate.


You are a human being with feelings. There is absolutely no reason why you should settle for less than what you deserve as a human being. Please consider the current state of your love relationship and ask yourself, are the choices you are making as rewarding as they should be?. As you keep your own happiness in mind, consider that of your partner as well. You have a choice, please MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.
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Ernest Quanah, Relationship Advisor and founder of "Soulmate Infoserve," a website dedicated to those who seek Relationship Advice online. Ernest is the author of "How To Identify Your Soulmate" a relationship and dating advice ebook/manual designed for singles, couples and interracial lovers. 2003/04 All rights reserved.

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