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European Union warns member countries are “flooded” with “toxic” Chinese toys

The European Environment Bureau has issued a warning about the massive presence of toxic toys made in China in different EU countries. In 13...

4 ways to ensure a safe and healthy home for children

Kids find plenty of ways to get dirty on their own, they don’t need to live in a home filled with filth and clutter....

Top 6 fun activities in Hawaii for children

Many see Hawaii as a great holiday destination for couples. A large portion of the visitors come here to either get married or enjoy...

4 tips for teaching your children responsibility

When it comes to being a parent, it can be challenging to make sure that you give you your children all of the tools...

Flying with a Child? How parents can have a stress free...

You may be looking forward to some time away to recuperate and enjoy quality time with your family. However, it’s likely you’re opening yourself...

Divorce and Children: Why You Need to Act Quickly

In family law cases, important decisions are often made in the early stages. As such, family law attorneys must present temporary orders to the...

Top Ways To Make Sure Your Children Brush Their Teeth

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a pretty daunting task for parents as it’s not always a task that kids greet with...

How smartphones now cater to children

Children growing up today are no strangers to smartphones. In fact, while the average child gets his or her own smartphone by the age...

Making the most of your space in a child’s bedroom

Bedroom space in modern homes can often be at a premium. The trend towards urban lifestyles means that many families live in small apartments...

Risk for peanut allergic children is lower in the school

It doesn't seem to be logical at first sight but home is more dangerous than school for peanut allergic children. It's not only a...
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