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Lessons from the pandemic

The politicians are not ready. Most of them have never worked, let alone owned their own business. They only know how to manage...

Japan confirms 10 cases of coronavirus aboard the ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise

Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato confirmed Wednesday that ten people out of 3,711 aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship are affected by the outbreak...

China exceeds 100 deaths from coronavirus and confirms 4,515 cases

The number of deaths from the new coronavirus that causes Wuhan's pneumonia in China rose to 106 on Tuesday, and the number of confirmed...

European Union warns member countries are “flooded” with “toxic” Chinese toys

The European Environment Bureau has issued a warning about the massive presence of toxic toys made in China in different EU countries. In 13...

U.S. Senate passes bill in favor of Hong Kong activists

The U.S. Senate approved on Tuesday a bill that would give a boost to Hong Kong activists, who have been at war for five...

Iran announces enrichment of uranium again

Iranian President Hasan Rohani announced on Tuesday that his country will resume uranium enrichment at the Fordo plant by injecting gas into 1,044 centrifuges,...

Trump imposes tariffs on Chinese imports worth 200,000 million

The total war between the US and China in its commercial relations is declared. The document published on Tuesday night by the Office of...

China imposes tariffs on 128 United States products

China announced the imposition of trade tariffs on a set of 128 US products, in response to tariffs that Washington announced last month on...

Most popular types of alcohol in China

As the Chinese population expands and the nation grows stronger, their intake of alcoholic beverages is also increasing. Whilst this is not necessarily a...

China fears environmental catastrophe for oil tanker crashed off its coast

The Iranian tanker, which crashed on Saturday against a cargo ship in the waters of the East China Sea, could explode and sink, as...
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