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How to lead a healthier lifestyle

If you struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle or find that you feel sluggish and lacking in energy, then remember that it is never...

4 ways technology is making you healthier

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that technology has had a detrimental effect on the health of the human race in...

Weight loss tips worth trying

You’re not alone if you struggle to lose weight and can’t find a formula that will allow you to drop the extra pounds. What...

5 tips for a first-time vegan

Hundreds of people are going vegan as we speak, and whether they do it to improve their diets and lifestyle or they have ethical...

Sleep tips when you do shift work

Shift work sleep disorder is a condition that anyone who works night or rotating shifts is at risk for experiencing. This can include doctors,...

Your Guide to Proper Serving Sizes for Protein, Fat, and More...

Yes, you have decided to go on a diet. Perhaps this is your first time to do so, or you’re already a diet veteran....

Do you already abandoned your diet this year?

The end of January is coming and here are millions of new year's resolutions quietly dying around the world. Maybe your idea of losing...

How Changing your Habits can Lead to a Healthier Life

I'm not the guy who likes New Year's resolutions. I'm not the one planning to change, go on a diet I don't really believe...
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