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The Trump Wall can be cut with a hundred dollar saw

In mid-September, Donald Trump visited Otay Mesa, a Southern California community near San Diego that borders Mexico in the suburbs of the city of...

Healthy, happy, and whole: how to overcome addiction and pursue wellness

There's nothing more life-shattering than drug addiction. In addition to compromising an individual's physical health, substance abuse can hamper productivity in the workplace while...

4 signs that someone you love may have a substance problem

When it comes to having a substance abuse issue, sometimes it takes someone else recognizing it for us. Friends and family may be able...

When is it time to seek help for depression?

We all have bad days. Maybe your cat died, or your boss is being grumpy. Bad days are part and parcel of modern life....

Wonders and Ills in Contemporary Society

In today’s world there are very complex social realities in which people are facing countless unprecedented advantages but also challenges and difficulties. Fortunately many...

Women and Men Aren’t the Same When It Comes to Drug...

A s much as we’re achieving equality in all fields of endeavor, women are different from men. We may prove ourselves to be similar...

Per Wickstrom’s Tips for Finding Strength in Addiction Recovery

Anyone who has ever faced recovering from an addiction will gladly tell you it’s undoubtedly one of the hardest, if not the hardest, things...

Heroin, painkiller addictions go hand-in-hand

Heroin use has increased a staggering 63 percent over the last 10 years in the United States—an increase made all the worse by the...
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