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3 tips for staying safe on the lake this summer

As we approach summer, the weather is quickly warming up. And if there’s one thing Americans love to do when the weather is warm,...

How to Prepare for Kentucky Roads

When folks think of the South, they think of swampy, muggy conditions. And yeah, that happens in the Summer, but not every Southern state...

Road trip safety tips

Preparing for a road trip? Follow these 12 safety tips Taking a summer road trip with your loved ones is more than just an epic...

What you need for a great European holiday

Are you about to head towards Sahara sans a hat or are you venturing Upward the creek sans a paddle? Keep away from a...

Power Grid Problems: Practical Pointers for Preparing for a Long-Term Blackout

The power grid could go down for any reason and at any time. It could be due to natural events like a storm or...

Safety Gear for Your Hiking Trip

Hikers often hit the trails without essential equipment, reports Brown University researchers. They found that inexperienced hikers think it is unnecessary for shorter hikes....
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