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Steps to finding help for your beauty woes

Feeling great and looking great often go hand-in-hand. Having something which you are insecure about, however, can damage your self-confidence and can make it...

Hair growth supplements

Are hair growth supplements necessary? In this day and age, there are so many ways for someone to enhance their appearance. Makeup, injections, hair color,...

Scalp exercises

Scalp exercises to reduce hair loss and improve hair health Balding is common for men and can lead to permanent hair loss. Some instances of...

Hair Loss – A Woman’s Worst Enemy

For some women, just the mention of the words “hair loss” is enough to raise anxiety levels and unfortunately, millions of females around the...

Early Signs of Getting Older and What You Can Do to...

What is it exactly about the female body that will broadcast to the world a woman’s age? Turns out, beyond the well-known crow’s lines...

Strategies for coping with female hair loss

Hair loss is devastating for a woman. Whilst men are accustomed to losing their hair and male baldness is common, a woman’s self-esteem is...
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