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Planning your next hiking trip: a guide

Planning a trip away and getting back in touch with nature is always an exciting prospect. To make sure you make the most of...

5 tips to avoid ticks

As the weather warms up and you’re getting ready to get back on the hiking trail it’s important to be aware that you’re now...

How to enjoy summer in Colorado

When summer rolls around, outside is better than inside. That is always true if you find yourself in Colorado. Colorado offers the adventurist, outdoor-lover...

Best 5 places to hike in Montana

Hiking has now become less of a sports activity and more of an adventure that people sought after. This is because of the pleasure...

5 best hiking spots in Arizona

When people talk about hiking in Arizona the last thing you would imagine is wading or even swimming in pools of water while enjoying...

Top hiking gems around the world

Getting in touch with nature can be a stress reliever. The more in tune we are with nature, the more in-tune we are with...

How to choose the best city to study

The university you choose could potentially determine your future. You must therefore select the best institution to meet your educational requirements, but you also...

Safety Gear for Your Hiking Trip

Hikers often hit the trails without essential equipment, reports Brown University researchers. They found that inexperienced hikers think it is unnecessary for shorter hikes....
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