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Resilient to cyber-attack: Why businesses need cyber-insurance

Enterprises today rely heavily on technology to perform business processes. In many ways, technology has been a driving force for much of the developments...

Language translation earphones

Real-time language translation has been made possible with the use of wearable technology. Tech giant Google launched earbuds that carry this capability. It is,...

Are You Ahead of the Competition? 3 Ways Companies Stay Competitive

As companies attempt to penetrate into new markets, it has become increasingly harder to stay competitive with the sheer amount of rivals SMEs find...

Traits Successful Entrepreneurs and Businesses Have in Common

Finding success in business is no accident. Successful entrepreneurs and their companies have a tendency to share certain traits, which may not be what...

Big pharma monopolies lobbying in Europe

Fragile health systems in Europe and developing countries simply can’t afford skyrocketing medicine prices. Ebola crisis and high price of new hepatitis C and cancer...
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