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Mobile mayhem: how mobile gaming is gaining ground every day

Mobile gaming has gained popularity over past decade and has extensively changed how veterans and casual gamers interact and relate in gaming environments. Currently,...

GPS trackers – How to never lose your child again

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to lose your child, and didn’t know where they were? Every parent fears...

5 Ways Your SME Business Can Use Technology to Increase Efficiency

For a business, efficiency is the ability to make the best use of limited resources to maximize output and profit. A business that is...

2017: The Rise of the Affordable Smartphone

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives in the decade that has passed since the launch of the iPhone. Apple's device...

How smartphones now cater to children

Children growing up today are no strangers to smartphones. In fact, while the average child gets his or her own smartphone by the age...

Main steps in web search history

Today's most computers users have Google.com (or its local variations) as start page in his browser. They think that's the Internet and, by a...

Compatibility of Mobile Games in Smartphones in Some Developing Countries

People all over the world have smartphones, but they are different in the way that they are used and how new they are. You...

Why Mobile Marketing is Vital for E-Cig Companies

The advance of mobile technology has changed the way that people not only stay in touch, keep up with the news and manage their...

Recycling phones and the growth of social media in the Arab...

The explosion of social media sites around the world has had a huge impact on the way in which we view it. Although for...

Samsung releases the A7 to complete the A series

The A7 comes with a 5.5 inches screen and the classic metal case of the A series. Includes a 5 megapixels front camera to take...
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