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8 ways to improve your dental health right now

You brush your teeth twice a day. You floss. You even see the dentist regularly. Is there anything else that you can do to...

Why is lung cancer so difficult to treat?

Once a very rare and fatal disease, lung cancer today, has become one of the leading causes of death across the world. The United...

5 simple ways to improve your social life

We all crave friendships in some form or another. Whether we’re looking for people to have a good time with, a fellow mother or...

Smoking industry changes

How has vaping changed the smoking industry? The idea for e-cigarettes was thought up by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003, in an attempt to reduce...

Vaping Safe: E-Battery Care and Why Some Explode

Exploding e-cigarettes have been in the news lately, which is causing alarm among vapors. People mainly vape to avoid the more dangerous activity of...

Taking Care Of Your Heart Should Be A Year-Round Commitment

February is Heart Health awareness month, a time when a strong focus is placed on the causes of heart disease, treatment and prevention. It...

How are actually evolving our nutritional habits?

In your daily journey, you can hear extreme opinions about how the world is changing and we are going directly to the end of...
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