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The Dangers of Identity Theft and How You Can Protect Yourself

Identity theft is when someone assumes another person's identity without permission. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2014, an estimated 17.6 million...

4 Reasons Technology and Social Media Go Hand In Hand

Before businesses were clamoring to make profiles on social media platforms, and long before there were apps, scripts, and plugins available to automate the...

The need for training in shopkeepers

The best strategy in life is to learn. Those who read, will have a more solid base to defend their arguments. In the case...

How to optimize your performance in Tinder

Probably you’ve heard about Tinder and you’re not sure enough to sign up or maybe you had it installed for some weeks in your...

Recycling phones and the growth of social media in the Arab...

The explosion of social media sites around the world has had a huge impact on the way in which we view it. Although for...
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