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Russian nuclear missiles in Belarus

Russia to deliver nuclear-capable short-range missiles to Belarus De acuerdo con los tratados internacionales, los misiles de corto alcance llegan hasta los 500 kilómetros...

Russia intercontinental missile

The Sarmat-28 intercontinental missile with which Putin threatens Lithuania and NATO will be ready by the end of the year Russia on Tuesday threatened to...

Putin’s secret fortune

Mansions, yachts, ski resorts and luxurious apartments, this is Vladimir Putin's secret fortune Mansions, yachts, vineyards, ski resorts, luxurious apartments or residences on the Black...

The Su-57 fiasco

Russia's Su-57 fifth-generation fighter, missing in Ukraine - another Putin fiasco? Much has been said in recent years about fifth-generation fighters, of which the American...

World bread war

Italy warns that the world bread war has already begun Ukraine blockade prevents many vulnerable countries from having access to grain Italian Foreign Minister Luigi...

Has Dvornikov been purged?

Putin reportedly removed Alexander Dvornikov, the "butcher of Syria" he put at the forefront of the war in Ukraine In early April, Russian President Vladimir...

Putin protects Alina Kabaeva

The Russian president has ordered all information about the former gymnast to be classified in order to shield her from the Western press While the...

Does Vladimir Putin have thyroid cancer?

According to British media, the Kremlin leader will soon undergo surgery and hand over power to his spy chief, Nikolai Patrushev Russian President Vladimir Putin...

Ilina Kabaeva, Putin’s girlfriend

Ilina Kabaeva, Putin's alleged girlfriend, among those proposed to be sanctioned by the EU The former Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva, who was allegedly linked to...

Transnistria, Putin’s next target?

The Kremlin has a detachment of 1,500 troops in the Russian-speaking separatist region, which declared its independence from Moldova in 1990 Among the "frozen conflicts''...


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