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Dress for success

How to dress for success on a shoestring budget As a professional, dressing for your work setting is just as critical as reporting to work...

How to get the latest fashion trends on a budget

It is every woman’s dream to stay glam and look sexy. Some people can buy the pricey designer clothes, but to some, it may...

Out With the Old – 6 Tips For Independant Living

I recently did a stocktake - not of my business, but of my life. That feeling of claustrophobia that sometimes casts a pall over one’s...

Do Your Friends a Favor by Choosing Bridesmaids’ Dresses They’ll Want...

Being chosen as a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding is a huge honor, and can be a really exciting time for any woman. You...

What The Colours You Wear Tell About Your Personality

Do you have a specific colour that has taken over your wardrobe? Is there a colour you like to wear when you aren’t really...
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