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Top tips to help you recruit the best employees

A company is nothing without the people behind the scenes who run it. The better your employees, and the better that they can work...

4 best ways to ensure lone worker safety

Lone worker safety has become a new buzzword these days, and that’s because more and more people have finally realized the danger that comes...

3 cost-effective ways to keep employees safe

Do you occasionally look around your business facilities and wonder if your office, warehouse and parking area are safe enough for your employees? Are...

Applying gamification principles in the workplace

Gamification has increasingly become concept implemented in the workplace nowadays. Investopedia defines it as the action to incentivize people’s engagement in non-game contexts using...

Be more productive at work: 6 strategies to get more done

The Washington Post is rightly skeptical of wild claims that American workers fritter away trillions of dollars in wealth due to lost workplace productivity....

Accidents happen but what about the ones that could be avoided?

In the United States, just under 5,000 people die each year from a work-related injury. Whilst the good news is that this is down...

Comfort and Performance With a Dash of Style: The Exciting ...

If you have to wear any sort of protective clothing or equipment while doing your work you can at least be reassured that what...

Dogs in the workplace – should you or shouldn’t you?

By 2020, millennials will constitute 40% of the global workforce. This percentage could rise to more than three quarters by 2025 as more and...
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