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New Technology For The Office In 2014


Video cameras have been a fairly common technology for business for many years now. Businesses are starting to require more robust and integrable systems for their many locations. One way to accomplish this is by using IP or Internet Protocol cameras. These cameras are the newer digital high resolution cameras that can be networked and viewed remotely via laptop, tablet, and cell phone. One problem that companies have switching over to digital cameras is the high cost of dumping the old analog cameras they previously installed. The solution is using hybrid Video Management Software that will allow you to control, store, and monitor both types of cameras with a single implementation.

License: Creative Commons
License: Creative Commons

Hybrid Systems

Video Management Systems are coming of age to handle newer digital and hybrid type recording environments. These programs are designed for security and employee monitoring applications. We are in the midst of switching over to totally digital systems and slowly cutting off analog technology. The issue with this is integrating newer digital equipment without needing to trash any existing analog gear. One issue with video recording is having enough hard drive space to store the amount of data required for what most companies require. Video recording takes up an extremely large amount of data, especially for newer high resolution cameras. These new Video Management Systems are using newer compression techniques and giving you large amounts of recording options to allow for video playback for about 3-4 months. With a video card and some software you can achieve this using both analog and digital cameras. This hybrid type system is a great intermediate step and sometimes necessary for companies to implement, especially for large scale projects.

Video Storage

In order to better control how much data you are storing, these systems have many options to establish motion enabled recording and when you want your cameras to store the data. Being able to manage your recorded video content with a fine tooth comb is allowing companies to have larger camera deployments and be able to look further back in time for events that have occurred. With everything switching over to IP and digital technology, the management of this information had to play catch up in controlling and saving the data. Using H.264 compression has helped to achieve lower bandwidth requirements and assist in your video server requirements. Although, a note should be made with video recording; you are almost always talking in terabytes of storage, even 50+ terabyte applications.

Remote Monitoring

One of the best features of Video Management Software is its ability to use both analog and IP cameras and broadcast them over a network. Instead of replacing your old cameras you can use this type of software to integrate them into a network and view them anywhere on the globe. You can even control a pan-tilt-zoom camera in China from the United States, if one so desired. Digital technology is allowing us to achieve feats never before thought possible. Video Management Software is allowing that technology to be utilized at its fullest capacity for the individual and large corporations alike.

Having the ability to control equipment in an office from a far away location is greatly empowering global business. The employee no longer needs to be in a specific location to retrieve information or send out a report. Video Management Systems are just one way of utilizing digital technology for the office. They are allowing for the transfer from an old analog technology to the digital age of the future.

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  1. That’s not a new technology. It’s the same thing we’ve heard once and again about video surveillance.
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