Big data refers to a data so big and complex that normal database tools are unable to manage. Mobile Cloud, cloud services on a mobile phone. Social, we all know what that is. These three terms have governed every recent development that has taken in the world of IT.

Every new technology, every new service is launched only after looking into its capabilities in reference to these three terms. Big Data, Mobile Cloud and social have in truth become genuine forces one cannot dare ignore if he has to survive in these turbulent times.

Mobile cloud

Big data

  • Big data has become an inseparable part of consumer management system. Many enterprises have become huge by just providing management tools for big data, so we can imagine the effects it has on the companies using those tools.
  • Companies predict the nature of buyer’s spending and model their strategies based on that. This process gives them a certain amount of promise that the product that they are launching will have some say in the market.
  • More and more companies are relating themselves to big data management tools and the ones ignoring this trend will surely lag behind their competitors and will lose ground to them.


  • Cloud is the single most technology these days that every corporate employee is using.
  • Cloud has tremendously changed the way we work. It lets people work from home or on the go which was unthinkable a decade ago. It not only makes the services cheaper but also enables a multiple user access which helps in real time applications.
  • The security concerns which were plaguing the growth of cloud have mostly been vanquished. Cloud has somewhat become into a driving force behind every successful IT firm. Whole of the dot com business is setup on the cloud.
  • This definitely is a technology that is here to stay and the companies who have already adopted it are in for good benefits.


  • Social Networking has become an integral part of our lives. From Facebook to LinkedIn everybody is hooked on to their virtual existence. This gives enterprises an opportunity to advertise or promote their products on the internet and social networking sites.
  • Not just Social networking, personal blogs have also gained a lot of heat in the past few years. With all the big personalities having their own blogs, people are thus getting inclined towards personal blogging more.
  • Reading and writing on the internet has become a common practice. Companies can use these blogs to tell people about their operations and future offerings. This gives companies a good chance to connect with their audience on a more personnel level which is really effective in creating a presence.


We saw that all three of the technologies have affected the market in their own way, and this is not a minute impact. They have taken the industry by storm. Cloud has literally changed the way people work, big data has given new information about the consumer and social provides a great opportunity to connect with the target consumer.

All these factors go a long way in determining a company’s success. These forces have become hard to ignore and the companies still ignoring them will surely suffer in coming times.

Josephine Clark is a Cloud and Mobile Technology enthusiast and an avid writer. Other than working at QuickBooksCloudHosting DotCom, she actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.



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