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RideOn goggles, smartglasses from another point of view


Technology industry is searching desperately for the next big thing. Now everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet powerful enough to spend (or waste) his time online and take shots with a lot of megapixels. The TV are so smart as users want it to be; some want a brilliant TV and some still want the boob tube. No problem there is a model for everyone.

Then the industry tried to convince users that 3D was the new holy grail but they failed miserably. And then they tried to do it with the wearable and started to offer watches and smartglasses that were a) overpriced and b) simply less effective than their “hand” counterparts. Actually the las World Mobile Congress, last week in Spain, was centered in apps, not in devices.

And probably, that kind of failure comes from the fact they forgotten a basic rule in the life that some of us heard from our fathers: “Do whatever you want, but do it right”. Yes, smartwatches are a nice concept but, really, what’s the point? What’s the true advantage over a smartphone? Just the fashion feeling? And Google glasses? Why the most powerful online company has failed in its star wearable gadget? Because they were horrible? Because they were enough complicated and poorly powered to become unusable? Because there was no real function (other than spying) you can’t do with your smatphone?

And then, here comes RideOn and gives the smartglasses an absolutely different approach: we do this and that and we do it into a goggle because is the perfect place to insert it.

RideOn goggles can change your skiing experience. It adds a mix of gaming and connectivity into a device that you’ll wear anyway in the snow, so people won’t look at you as a freak.

This video explains what it is and how it works:


By the way, if you want one of these goggles, you can be an “early bird” if you take your chance in their IndieGogo campaign.

RideOn goggles


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