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Earthquake in your hard drive? Don’t worry, try this free deleted file recovery software


When we talk about hard drive recovery, normally there aren’t many things that we can do other than having to reformat and start all over again from scratch. But don’t you wish for a deleted file recovery software that is able to put everything back together in one piece? It’s like nothing ever happened, and life goes on as usual.

That’s where we have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which can take care of all your data recovery needs. Best of all, it is absolutely free. You can now make full use of the largest recovery capacity combined with the most powerful features. This hard drive recovery application can recover data under any circumstances such as deleting, formatting, partition loss, improper operation, virus attack and so much more. It can recover whatever you thought that you had lost, such as pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents and everything else there is. Plus it is very easy-to-use, in just a few clicks of the mouse and you are sure to get all your lost data back.

Data recovery software

Let’s check out the steps on how you can perform a deleted file recovery and how easy it is actually. The first step that you have to do is to download, install and launch the application. After launched, it allows you to choose specific file types that you want to recover. There’s Graphic, Audio, Document, Video, Email and Other. By default it selects everything but if you already know what are the missing files you want it to find, this would save you lots of time during the scanning process. Then it prompts you to choose where it should scan the files. If you are performing a hard drive recovery, then you should select the specific hard drive and not to choose everything. Again, this would save you precious time.

Once that is done, Step #2 is the scanning process taking place. Here it will show you the progress in percentage and the estimated time remaining for the scan to finish. There will be 2 scanning modes, with the Quick Scan and Deep Scan. If you can’t find what you are looking for from the Quick Scan, then the Deep Scan will surely find whatever it is that you are looking for.

The third and final step is the preview and recovery. It will lists out all the recoverable files that the hard drive recovery software is able to found. And if the deleted file recovery that you are looking for is an image file, then you can filter by image to immediately find what you are looking for. It also has a preview thumbnail of that image, which makes your decision-making process much faster.

That’s how easy it is for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to perform a hard drive recovery. No wonder it is being used by millions of people out there and there’s practically nothing to lose as you can use it for free. The next time you are looking for deleted file recovery solution, you know which software you should be using.


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