Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, said in an interview the last month of july that “the key of the entertainment is and will be to have a good story and to know how to tell it in an interesting manner”. He noted too the importance of the technology in the channels where those histories are delivered.

Technology is changing the way the histories are produced because some barriers have been overcome and artists have now a greater freedom. Everything started with special effects in movies; then came the computer games and the computer generated images and finally technology invaded every corner of the entertainment industry.

Of course, technology is not only changing the way the entertainment products are produced but it is affecting seriously the distribution itself, removing barriers of space and time. Mobility and user experience are the points which help to describe the vision of some industry gurus about the future of the entertainment and some related technologies. It has already happened with music industry: users have immediate access to enormous libraries of music anytime and through any kind of device but it is happening too with books, audiovisual productions (keep in mind the new industry of online series) and games.

The growth of the online entertainment is just possible as the speed of mobile networks growths at the same speed and this one is supported by the astonishing growth of the capacities of the services in the cloud. According to a recent press release of Cisco, the global IP traffic will reach the 1,6 zettabytes, a great number if we compare it with the 1,3 zettabytes generated between 1984 and 2013, and 76% of that traffic will be video in any style (movies, news, games, etc.).


Global IP traffic growth

The second point of this change is the customization of the contents according to the interests of the user.

a) Cable providers have found a hard competitor in streaming services. Now, the question is not only what the user can view but when he can watch his favourite movie or serie or even a baseball game. Netflix alone generates the 35 % of the Internet traffic in the US.

b) Teenagers are less and less dependant of TV and they watch more and more video online. The youtubers phenomenon is an incredible wave with content creators with tens of millions of followers waiting their daily or weekly dose of humour, songs or just life experiences.

c) Three decades ago, nobody could imagine how movies could evolve to have a different story line for each viewer. Today, the most advanced games are not very different of a movie starred by the player itself; the continuous advance in virtual reality, will finally keep the user to the middle of the scenario in a few years.

So, in just one line, entertainment in the future could evolve to a more mobile consumption of personalized contents.




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