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Basis Concepts and Importance of Responsive Web Design for SEO


Gone are the days when websites could be viewed only through a desktop. Nowadays, web users have the option to view website through multiple devices such as smart phones, laptops, netbook, tablets and even through their television sets. Thus, it has become a necessity to design websites in such a way so as to create the best viewing experience across all such devices. This is where responsive web design or RWD steps in as a perfect guide that offers complete solution in creating optimal viewing for the users of your website.

Responsive web design

There are three basic concepts pertaining to responsive web design that include

  • Fluid grids- This is one of the core concepts that aids in reshaping the web design through the use of right spacing and minimalist web plans, which showcases only the required elements of your website. The secondary elements as well as contents are loaded only when the user wants to view them.
  • Flexible images- Resizing of any images can be done easily through RWD. Here, the programmers use units such as percentages or ‘em’. There are a number of responsive techniques that also resize the images through cropping where only a small portion of the original picture is viewed.
  • Media queries- CSS better known as Cascading style sheet consists of a media support primarily known as media queries. The job of this support media is to verify the varied types of media or gadgets when assembling limits to particular elements like color, height and width. As a whole, media queries functions to reshape the web design when it come to layout, spacing and all other related matters of your website. The advantage here is that the data collected from this support feature helps in optimizing better viewing experience of the website.

However, it should be noted that Responsive Web design is not only crucial for viewing but it also consists of a huge array of SEO benefits. Search engine optimization facilitates to increase traffic as well as awareness of your website. Now that a number of people use mobile phones to search the web, RWD has gained all the more importance. Some of the main advantages of responsive web design for SEO are

  • Reduces bound rate- If your website is not adjustable to function in all devices, users will definetly leave the site. The responsive technique makes sure that the users are able to view your website in the easiest manner across all mediums.
  • A single website for all platforms- RWD functions to create a single website that can be viewed from all devices rather than having different versions for different devices.
  • Ranking of websites in all mediums- If you opt for a conventional website and mobile website, you require different SEO strategy for both. However, RWD has no such problem as ranking of your website is done on all the devices.

Go for Responsive Web design and ensure continuous and uninterrupted flow of view-ability on all technological devices.


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