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From Virtual Worlds to Gaming: How Technology Turned Fantasies into Reality


At every turn, at any given moment of the day, it’s impossible not to notice the profound impact modern technology has made on society. From transforming the way we communicate to spearheading a new revolution of start-up businesses, all selling the kind of products and services that just twenty years ago would have been unimaginable, it’s fair to say that tech has changed everything.

There’s already countless articles discussing the latest advancements in eCommerce, mobile communications, the latest apps and all that other good stuff that technology has brought our way, so we’ll leave those subjects alone for now and concentrate instead in one of the more exciting -though often overlooked- advantages that modern tech has brought along with it:

Bringing us all one-step closer to truly acting out our favourite fantasies.

Virtual reality

Take the longevity of 3D virtual world Second Life for example. Though it may not be regarded as the same great hope the future as it once was, Linden Labs’ most famous creation has continued to enjoy a steady user base of dedicated players who clock up hours ‘in world’ by the truck load. Despite rumours of its demise, the sandbox platform has sought to further expand the potential for virtual environments by introducing compatibility with Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset due to hit the mass markets early next year.

And though the platform’s original value proposition may have been to encourage online commerce and education, today, Second Life is more used far more frequently by players indulging in the kind of activities they just wouldn’t be able to in the real world. Whether that’s building houses, transforming themselves into vampires, or anything else, the only real limit on what Linden Labs’ customers can do with their game is their own imagination.

Factor in the rise of mobile apps on smartphones and tablet devices, and indulging in all manner of fantasies -from cashing in those casino chips to soaring through the skies- has not only become easier, but a lot more convinient, presenting us with unprecedented access to almost anything we can imagine. What’s more, with the aforementioned Oculus Rift set to enjoy a surge of success early next year, who knows how much further technology will take us towards truly living the life of our dreams?


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