Children growing up today are no strangers to smartphones. In fact, while the average child gets his or her own smartphone by the age of 11, he or she actually starts using these phones at a much younger age. While they may not have their own phone yet, children as young as 2 are spending around 10 minutes a day interacting on their parent’s or sibling’s smartphone.

Additionally, as they age, children’s daily time spent on a cell phone increases. By the time they’re teenagers, kids spend more than 3 hours every day on their smartphones. It’s such an important part of their lives that twice as many teens say they would give up watching television before they would give up their cell phone. While some parents may worry about all this screen time, they can take comfort in knowing kids aren’t using their phones just for entertainment. They’re also using cell phones for educational media, and children from ages 2 to 10 play at least one educational game every week.

Today, app developers are listening as parents seek more educational tools for their children on their cell phones. Toddlers and preschoolers can practice the alphabet and counting numbers, primary school children can create experiments with elements from the periodic table, and teenagers can learn a second language — all with apps on their smartphones and a strong 4G LTE data network. Cell phones are also becoming more parent- and child-friendly. Parents have ever more tools at their disposal to monitor cell phone use. Additionally, smartphones are coming with safe modes that password protect adult apps and leave kids with a phone that is perfect for playing and learning.

Are you a parent and wondering if a smartphone is a good purchase for your child? Take a look at this inforgraphic to learn more interesting facts about children and smartphone use.



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